Interested in Attending Weston?

First Step 
Download and Complete the following items, which includes an essay on "Why do you want to attend Weston High School?".

The following 9 forms need to be downloaded and filled out.

Registration Checklist

  1. K-12 Registration
  2. Certificate of Immunization Status
  3. Use of Student Information
  4. Network Use Expectations and Opt Out
  5. Educational Goals/Purpose
  6. Writing Assignment
  7. Parent Statement
  8. School Rules Contract
  9. Request for Records
  10. Application for Non-Residence (if you are living out of district)
  11. Transcript Request Form (if you are new to the district)

Click here to access all needed registration forms, and any other district form. (You will need to scroll down to find some of the items under the "Weston High School" section)

 Second Step
Call Weston at (360) 618-6340 to schedule an appointment with the principal and counselor.