Important Dates

March 22, 2019  Early Release

March 29, 2019  End of CAP 6

April 1-5, 2019  No School  Spring Break

May 3, 2019  Make up snow day.  Regular school hours 7:55am-2:25pm 

May 15, 2019  Early Release

June 12, 2019  Weston Graduation at BPAC 7pm

June 20, 2019  Last day of school - Early Release



Welcome to Weston High School-Your school of choice

We are a school of choice serving students from 9th-12th grade.  Weston High School was founded in 1986 by Linda Weston.  At that time she was an Assistant Principal/Vocational Director at Arlington High School.  Linda was concerned that students who dropped out of school had no other options within the district.  They needed a place to go.  With this vision in mind, she created the Arlington Alternative School where she remained principal until 1992.  In 1994, the student body voted to change the name to Weston High School in Linda's honor.

Work-Based Learning Credit for Employed Students 

Work-Based Learning Credit for Employed Students.

Weston students are able to earn credit for the time they spend working at a part-time job outside of school. Employed students can earn a .5 credit for every 180 hours they work outside of school.
Requirements include.
-Past or current enrollment in Career Choices or any Career and Technical
Education class that relates to their current job.
- Completion of Work-Based Learning paperwork including signatures from
both parents and employers.
- An accurate report of hours monthly.
- Developing specific worksite goals twice per semester.
-Completion of two worksite evaluations per semester.

Hours can be counted from the date the WBL packet is returned to the WBL
Hours prior to that date cannot be counted.
The Work-Based Learning program adheres to all rules and regulations related to minors in the workplace as determined by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

If you have any questions or are interested in Weston’s Work-Based Learning program, please contact:

Diane Wurz
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Weston High School
(360) 618 6300